Flexing my complexion

Brown skin, Black Melanin

My skin my pride, Black Melanin, Brown skin a true definition of beauty, the best way to define a strong and fearless. They was time were being a black melanin was more of a crime, were being a black melanin was considered as being ugly and not pretty enough, for who I don’t know, unfortunately that is the past, we now live under the supervision of Zozibini who brought hope and love a queen that revived ourself esteem, being a black melanin is now a labelled as being dark and beautiful

Brown skin women, fearlessly confident in her brown skin

Brown skin girl your skin just like pearls the best thing in the world, never trade you for anything.

Lyrics from wizkid feature Beyonce

The most beautiful accessory that I wear every single day is my brown skin, I love my brown chocolate skin, I am proud, fearless and being comfortable in my skin makes me feel more beautiful than ever before, how I feel about myself is more important than any other opinion that the world and universe throws at us. Whenever the sun shines, the sun loves me so much it kisses me I am sun kissed.

Dark skin is a prize not a crime