Another Weekend Without Football

The way we have poured and surrender ourselves to Football is definately scary, Without Football life is boring, they is no weekend for football lovers, I think they should start the season now this lifestyle is not for us we miss football. We miss Reggie Ndlovu Mapensela who makes football even more interesting, he put life in our South African Football, we appreciate you.

Moses Mabhida stadium

I definitely miss singing my throat out in a platform were happiness, Joy and unity is strength. Football is a sport that units the country and as a country we have good moments and also bad moments, the saddest highlights of the season Was when Paseko Mako suffered from a very dangerous collision with Richard Ofori we thank the Lord for being present.

They is definitely no stranger in football I remember when my team scored I hugged the person next to me without even asking for her permission or hesitation, that’s how strong and United football make us, everyone becomes brothers and sisters. Saturday’s should be permanently be a no working day rather be a football day weather you are indoors or outdoors.

My special moments at Sugar Ray stadium
Where love is, my million dollar view.

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