Left Abandoned Whilst Blind

Gogo Radebe outside her house

13 April 2022 we visited Engonyameni near Umlazi to see how people were affected by the floods, however  Thandi Radebe  Who is blind was not only affected by floods but she is abandoned by her own family. A 78 years old lady caught by floods in her household with a minor old grandson as they suffered a tragic moment during the KZN Floods  were she had to step up and take action when water was all over her place.

“I woke up to pee outside because we do not have a toilet inside our house neither outside our house, it was approximately three (3) o’clock in the morning when I asked my grandson to look at my burner phone for time he said three o’clock, I could hear that they are drops entering into the house, than when I put my feet on the floor I jumped into a pool of water and I screamed out, my grandson shouted gogo the house if full of water, that was the time I ended my sleep we woke up tried to drain the water out but it was really pointless because if you walk with bear foot you could feel that they is still water” said, gogo explaining what really happened.

 The most highlighted issue when I asked  Miss Radebe she busted out and said cooking in a portable paraffin stove, were she cannot even measure cooking oil sometimes she burns her hands because she also have no electricity, she added that a crystal radio receiver keeps her entertained.

Touching moments when we were leaving, but we speared more minutes with her because she enjoyed o

The aim of going to Miss Hadebe was to find out how is she manage to survive during the floods but when we got there we found out that miss Radebe is really suffering from a lot of problems in her household.

Her daughter Who left her with a minor was nowhere to be found when we got to visit gogo Radebe’s living conditions, we also found out that the only person who shows interest in gogo’s wellbeing is her son who is also facing a lot of difficulties he also doesn’t have a stable job to help gogo but he makes sure that gogo has food in her table just that he does not have enough money to support Gogo Hadebe on, the other hand her other son who she claims is the oldest does not want anything that involves Gogo.

It is very sad to see an old person yearning for love, support and longing for a family bond because Gogo needs someone to assist her in many ways but we find that it is burden on top of burdens since she has to look after a minor Whilst she also In need.

Gogo explaining what happened.

Since Gogo earns pension fund she has to make sure that her breast becomes her bank because her grandson makes no mistake whenever Gogo leaves her hand bank unattended, whenever her grandson gets hold of her money bag he leaves no cent behind.

A clear video that shows the inside and also the damaged roof

“ Accepting and moving on is my resilient, Allow your heart to accept your situation”.

Gogo Radebe has accepted her situation and believes that one day she will get help.

7 thoughts on “Left Abandoned Whilst Blind

  1. This is very emotional as for me I have uGogo and she’s 90…she can’t do most of the things by herself now…Gogo Hadebe needs help…she’s old and her situation is very bad. Let’s try and help uGogo plz.

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