June 16 The Day Of Sacrifices And Contribution

June 16 the saddest day that Became tears of joy to the present and future generations. It may be a loss in the eyes of black people during apartheid but a win to us born frees. On this day a hero fought for our education together with millions of students who died on 16 June 1976 as they are remembered as heroes and heroines who followed the tradition of the South African struggle against apartheid.

A youth day poster created by Lamontville Golden Arrows
A summary of how Orlando Pirates view June 16

“If we must do Afrikaans, Vorster must do Zulu” – Protest placards

Protest placard quotes from the LIPCO Law For All history quotes.

June 16 is a day that symbolises power, strength and unity. A day worth celebrated and a day that should be honoured by South African Youth as a token of appreciation to the Heroes and Heroines who brought fairness and equality in school premises.

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