Happy Father’s Day To Our Heroes

Being a father is definitely not easy, you have to be a guidance, a friend, a brother and a father again because when you miss a father’s love in your life you get to view life at a very different view. Happy father’s day to Father’s who works hard for us, fathers who make sure that protection and love is the main foundation of being a Dad. I hope you know we are grateful, And our heart are truly glad.

Daddy and Daughter photo collage

They may act tough but trust me they are soft in thee inside, one minute they are angry and you but in the next seconds they are happy, we love and appreciate your love, protection, value, support and guidance. Happy father’s day to our pretenders who hate showing feelings, they act negative but positive in thoughts. A father doesn’t tell you that he loves you he shows you.

Happy father’s day Daddy.

Happy father’s day to best dad’s, Happy father’s day to our friends, our believers and our first love, we can never imagine life without a dad, some never felt any affection from their dads but a father is a father without support or even with support. Happy father’s day to every dad in this world, happy father’s day to dad’s who are under difficulties, happy father’s day to dad who are infringed from being a dad to their children, We love you.

A Happy father’s day message from Lamontville Golden Arrows

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